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Does Grass King artificial grass need sand infill?

Grass King artificial grass does not require sand infill, our grass has thick thatching which supports the
main grass fibres, if you wish you can add kiln dried sand at approximately 4kg per square metre, this
should be carried out on a dry day. Use a ‘weed free’ kiln dried sand and brush in against the pile, a wheeled spreader hopper
will ensure even spreading.
• Adding kiln dried sand can help regulate the temperature of the grass on very hot days.
• Gives extra support to the grass fibres in heavy footfall areas, eg where steps or stairs meet the lawn.
• Can offer some protection from sharp objects, garden furniture, play equipment…
• Adds ballast – weights the grass down allowing the grass to follow the contours of an uneven surface.
• Can attract surface weed growth from airborne sources.

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